Merida Fans!!!
Movies - Fern Gully
For the fans!!!

thought I'd throw this one in even though its not my group:

45 Brave icons
Espurr, Pokemon 5
45 icons, 21 of Merida herself:

| |

(-- fake cut to icons --)

Brave icons!
I don't really have anything to say - just hope you enjoy this icons I made for movie20in20. And I'm excited for this comm to pick up! :)

[Mod Post] Welcome!
Welcome to princess_merida, a community dedicated to Pixar's thirteen feature film, Brave, as well as its lovely lead heroine, Merida of DunBroch. We hope you all have an amazing time here!

Please read the userinfo before you post, and direct any questions you may have to the mods (abarero and haro). You may either private message us or reply to this post. Those looking to affiliate should also reply to this post. Thank you!



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